Freedom is now


As one climbs up the hillside, the city below seems diminishing in scale but not so much in character. Which is usually an amalgamation of ever curious travelers and the natural residents, who inherit a life in these beautiful mountains.
    And then I see it! The first glimpse of it. “A little too beautiful to be real!”, I say to myself.


Mornings to Reminisce


All I can hear right now are the countless birds chirping about,the mellow wind whispering sweet nothings  to the trees around me, and a very distant thus feint echo of the city bustle below me. A warm cuppa tea and a crisp sun is what I’d love right now!!

The Blue Magpie

Greetings friends! Here I plan to tell you about this place we call home, The Blue Magpie. Incepted in the spring of 2015, it is nested beautifully in the middle of an Apple Orchard. The peace and tranquil one finds when they walk 15 minutes off the road is undeniably worth it. Offering a wholesome multicultural cuisine and a home like ambience. A beautiful Japanese Buddhist Monastery with one of a kind Buddhist wall art infused with majestic Hindu mythology.  And a Café that allows you wondrous views of the valleys of Naggar and Manali. A haven to the majestic birds of the Himalayan ranges. And some amazing trails for you to hike if you’re the kind who loves long walks among gigantic Cedar trees. If you’re on the lookout for a few days off wherein you wish to open your eyes yet free your mind, then you must read on my friend.

The Blue Magpie Lodge and Café is run by two garden variety individuals, Abhay and myself, Govind. We graduated in the field of Hotel Management from Ooty, Tamil Nadu. Abhay is a restaurant owner from Shimla and I trace my roots back to Punjab. I belong to a family of agriculturists thus tend to lead a similar lifestyle. We’re Both keen trekkers and have always had an affinity to travel to new places and meet new people. Looking forward to make everyone’s stay a cherished one,  a memory that only beckons you to go back again.